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Project Management

Whether you need consultancy on a project, planning or actual delivery I can help with projects of all sizes. I also run workshops for individuals or groups that need upskilling - these work really well for team-building too. 

Market Research, Trends & Insights

Getting under the skin of your customers and predicting the next big thing from your competitors is so important in future-proofing your business. I can help uncover current and future trends and undertake specific research into your business challenge or opportunity.

Events & Experiences

I create unique 360 experiences that will leave people feeling inspired and connected to you and your brand or business. Perfect for creating buzz, relationship building and testing out new ideas. 

Marketing & Communications

Well thought out multi-channel strategies can give your new and existing audiences plenty of food for thought. I create simple and effective campaigns that get your message to the people that matter most – inspiring them to take action.

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